There is much adversity on Earth and we have all experienced something unfortunate in life. There’s a lot of chaos in the world. We have all lost something or someone we love. Decisions are made that are beyond our control. Accidents occur. Natural disasters happen. Corruption and injustice are rampant. Traumatic events are not something we expect, and hard times are inevitable.

   We are not always prepared but we are suddenly left to adapt to the heartbreak. When something happens that is out of our control, it can cause an emptiness. It can create a hole in our heart, and we are always finding ways to plug it and stop the bleeding. These tough situations can bring anxiety, uncertainty, stress, fear, anger, hopelessness, discomfort, a sense of powerlessness, etc etc. Too many times we run from the situation. Too many times we find something (toxic) to numb it. Too many times we put the pain in a box, tuck it away, and never really open it again.

   We must learn healthy ways to cope. We must feel in order to heal. We must feel the emotions and find a healthy outlet to release the energy.

   It is my opinion, that there is a lot of power to be held in creating something. The painter chooses the color of paint, the type of brush, the size of canvas and then puts it all together. The author creates a synopsis and decides how to convey it. The musically gifted will choose the beats, tones, words, etc and present it how they wish. The one creating has the control. It is something we can choose. You’re able to hold the pen. It is satisfying to break away from the chaos and dive into something that only you are able to influence and dictate. When we are struck with uncertainty and hard times, it is important for us to feel in control of something. Creativity offers that.

   I really encourage you to explore your creative side and see what benefits it may bring. Too many times I’ve heard somebody say they “aren’t good” at X,Y,Z, insinuating that there must be some innate skill they’re lacking in order to dip a brush into paint and apply it to a blank canvas, for example. Do not let that stop you! And if your spelling is poor or you need to use a dictionary to write a poem, so what? If you struggle to color in between the lines, so what? There is always the potential for improvement, but you have to start somewhere. Even if you “own nothing”, you can still tap your foot or hand and make a beat. Even if you have “no freedom”, you can still attempt guided imagery to create a break, a healthy escape, and endorphin release. At the very minimum, you should be able to notice that utilizing a creative outlet provides a temporary release of tension or stress. Endorphins are released and we feel good. You deserve to feel good. You matter! Creativity matters and it is something we are all capable of accessing. Give it a shot! Check out the benefits of tapping into your creativity!

Dooo itttt and DO IT AGAIN! (And again!) ✨ ✨ ✨

With love,